Dating a Friend

Movies to Watch Together
Every great relationship is based on a great friendship. It's no wonder that many relationships start out between two people who are good friends.

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A Walk to Remember
My advice is to watch "A Walk to Remember" cause it's a great movie to watch ...
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Alot Like Love
This movie will make them think about you in exactly the way you want, and you ...
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Watch bambi and cry when the mom dies, he will hug you and be like "i never ...
Read Full Tip for BAMBI!

Before Sunrise
If you and your partner are of the intellectual type, you'll enjoy this. Stars ...
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Boys and Girls
Guys it's not one you'd want to watch on your own, but with a friend you're ...
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Charlie st. Cloud
Its a movie to cry with your girls in. Watch it (: your be happy you did ...
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Count of Monte Cristo
In the Count of Monte Cristo, a guy and girl are best friends and plan on ...
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dirty dancing
At the really intiment parts... put your arm even tighter around your partner, ...
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Donnie Darko
Even though the nature of that movie is not a romantic one it can surely make a ...
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It has adventure and a little ...
Read Full Tip for Goonies

hollowen 2
great movie watch with ur girl n hold her the hole time n she will jump onto ya ...
Read Full Tip for hollowen 2

Jason's Lyric
very good movie to watch with a girl..... It will definetly get to her soft ...
Read Full Tip for Jason's Lyric

Love Actually
This is a great movie to watch with either a friend you like or your ...
Read Full Tip for Love Actually

Movie to definetly watch.
Watch a movie that has a kissing scene. When it comes up look straight at her. ...
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okay girls.. i know this may be a 'cute' movie but NEVER watch the notebook ...
Read Full Tip for NEVER

whatch any james bond movies Learn from my ...
Read Full Tip for NEVER EVER

ps I love you
sad but a wonderful message of ...
Read Full Tip for ps I love you

Raising Helen
A woman Loves to see that a guy recognizes a compassion and thinks it is ...
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Romantic Comedies
Watch something like "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". I,m a guy and that,s my ...
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Romeo and Juliet
ROMEO AND JULIET is a perfect way to spend a romantic night. When it gets to ...
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The Fountain
Good romance story you,d both ...
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The 'Horror Snuggle'
When watching a scary movie, in one of the intense parts, scream softly and ...
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The Notebook!
The Best Love movie is the notebook! It is an incredible love story, about two ...
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titanic is the sweetest movieee to watch with your partner :) Such a beautiful ...
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guys i know sumtimes the lady or girl ur atfer can have some really annoying ...

Watch A horror (for a girl)
Scary parts in a horror movie give you a chance to get closer. Maybe to hide ...
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When Harry Met Sally
The movie that questions whether men and women can be "just friends"... it ...
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Sometimes a good movie would be a scary or Horrorrific These are the movies ...

This is an old classic, pretend you are yawning or streching and put your arm ...
Read Full Tip for Yawn

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