Trust and Faith

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 11 months now.

During the 11 months period, there have always been trust issues among us especially when he's easily paranoid.

I tried to break up with him for a few months after I realized I couldn't commit the relationship but he always tried to persuade me back by saying sweet sweet stuff.

A few months ago I was having this break-up tantrum with him and he said he really wanted to continue the relationship and he... proposed to me! Although I was the one who mentioned about it in the first place but it was really sweet.

Well, we live like 10000 miles away with like 13/14 hours apart from each others; he always try to come online around my time (After my school hours) and it might take a while before I can meet him, I guess it worthed the wait.

To continue a relationship, you need a lot of trusts faiths and I am the one who lacks of it most of the time and he believes that I still love him even when we "broke up".

Even if we never get to meet each others after all, I believe he is the bestest boyfriend that I can ever get but I believe that we will meet.