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While being very distant from each other can be can be shall take a while to meet sometimes but always long as you both keep constantly talking to each other...there's seldom a reason why it has to crumble...this type of love is not only based on understanding each other but also on caring so much to the point they'll know it regardless of what might occur during the day. That love...that caring...your words have to shown them ^_^ Remember that and you'll be fine...though of course, this type of love is not for everyone...but those that can do it...they're one of the luckiest couples around...after all, this is all trust, and just being like this is the biggest test of love and devotion one can give to your partner.

I'm currently very much in love with my boyfriend...we have already met in real life and we would've thought it to be damn near impossible because of the distance...considering I live on an island and he lives in the northen part of the states. Regardless, I met him and fell all the more in love with him and while I miss him in so many ways...he's always there and I speak to him everyday and as much as I can.