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Meeting for the First Time :
FOR YOUNG PEOPLE ONLY online dating isnt so bad so long as u know what ur doing...!!!

i met my online friend in australia. when my sister went to go and see her old boyfriend. i had a great time and there wasnt any added pressure. im young and i know its very dangerous but i took every procaution i knew... i got to know him and things dint go any futhur then that. i still talk to him now and hes coming over to where i live in just under 3 months. ive spoken to him now for over a year. all im saying is my risky situation worked out but some dont just because u hear stories of how they do work out dont risk it unless u have spoken to them personally like on the phone or seen him on webcam or spoke to his family or friends i heard so many stories that dint put me off but made me very precautious but i loved spending every moment with him as he did with me which made it that more easier to get along with him.

what im trying to say is if u do online dating!!!

never give ur real name get to know the person first then tell the person ur name and a lil about u.

never tell a person where u live or give details or personal information

never tell them ur age if they ask give them a pretend one cause u might never have to speak to them again

never feel PRESSURED if u do say i have to go now bye and log off

ignor sites that garentee u the perfect paretener cos most of them just tell u rubbish about how to meet a dream guy
which is aloud of cods wollop

and only be urself to a certain level and if ur concerned about the person ur talking to

meet in a public place and always let a friend know where ur going

never go back to the place were the person lives

and if u take the risk of doing what i did get to know them 100% for ur own safety

theres alot more to be said. just use some of these tips to know what not to do for ur safety

all my best for if u r and be careful

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