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When you meet them you just know it's them, you've found your true love, it's a relief. The first time you meet,you feel as though they are a long lost friend and you just have a lot of catching up to do. You feel you understand eachother and know eachother already, you feel like you can tell them anything. You can sit and talk for hours and its not enough time, seems only moments have past. When you can be with that person and your doing nothing, but yet it feels like your doing everything. You don't always have to be out or around others to have fun and never take the time you spend together for granted. When you have a dis-agreement or arguement, most of the time you just end up giving eachother a smile or kiss and laughing about it later and often you don't even remember what it was about or it does'nt last long. Love keeps no record of wrongs. When you can look in that persons eyes and see your future and trust that person will always take care of you because you are their world. When you see or hear their voice it gives you energy and fills you with happiness. You smile at each other for no reason at all, just because they are who they are, so adorable and cute and just amazing and perfect to you. You love them for all that they are,their strengths and weaknesses. You can not imagine being with any other person and nothing separates you from them and nothing can come between you. Being apart would be like losing a limb because they are part of you. You think about them alot and miss them when their not around. Its a strong emotional and spiritual connection to eachother. You laugh, love, your a team, not easily annoyed, you feel beautiful, happy, content, you don't nagg, you don't put them on guilt trips, give them space and a life, encourage, support, compliment, lift up, don't hold on to past wrongs, you forgive, love them with your entire being and they are your confidant and you are theirs. Love never pressures or puts you in a tight spot when it comes to your morals and your wishes. Love is selfless and gives,gives gives, does'nt take. When its true love it grows and, passion, romance, love, commitment just become stronger as life goes on. Even though times get tough, true love always works its self out. Most importantly is asking God to be part of your relationship because: GOD IS LOVE!!!! He's the only love source we have, we can't do it in our own strength. Pray and ask God to provide you with the perfect one for you because he has created the perfect one for you already, he's just waiting for you to be ready. He knows what you need in a person. Love is a wonderful blessing, but that does'nt mean its going to be easy, it is a choice you make everyday and has its joys as well as challenges with each new day. Good luck!

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