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Internet-Only Relationships :
It can work

When I was in High school I would get online and chat away with people ... I was just trying to find common ground with people because I wouldn't find it in school. And one day I started chatting with this guy in my local area. We chatted online for like 5 months. And then he wanted to meet me *I thought it was too soon* so I called it off. But we still talked and plus I only liked him as a internet buddy ( I saw no hurry in that)

Then prom come along ( nothing really exciting for me) because I wasn't going. So I would just get online and help my friends (friends from school) choose a dress (sorta like online shopping but they just wanted ideas. And during that time my "Internet Buddy" told me he was moving to New York to go to college. And I thought I was fine with the idea...
Till seconds,minuets,hours,days, and months went by and I missed him a lot them I kinda realized that I was in love with him.

So then years past and we became a bit closer but then I got a job and started going to college and that made it really hard for me to keep in contact with him so I broke it off.

Latter we started talking again and it was good you know because we missed each other... and we started talking on the phone more and instant messaging and whatnot..
Then another problem happened and drama with a friend caused me to distant myself from him. And it wasn't something he did but something personal that my friend did that wasn't right and was hurting other people and he was trying to stop it because another girl was getting hurt.

Eventually latter we started talking again and its stronger than ever. And yes I've meet him and talked to his mom on the phone as well (somewhere in those years I did) and now we're at the stage of moving together... I'm just waiting to finish college. Then I'll move to New York and continue going to college and eventually we'll get married...

You just have to know how to put up with the rocks in the road that you cannot see..
And by the way its been like 9 or 10 yrs :)

Live,Love,Be,Believe -Cruxshadows

Good luck to you all

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