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The RomanceClass forums are a community of over 12,000 members from around the world. As we are all from different backgrounds and different cultures, please ensure your posts are always respectful, supportive, and use clean language. This helps to ensure our pages can be appreciated from libraries at any part of the globe. Welcome!
Romance is about feeling good about yourself and helping those you care for be happy as well. Learn how to love and to be joyful. For thousands of tips, visit
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Non-Romance Relationships: Friends Relatives Etc. (1 viewing)
Sometimes having a romantic relationship can affect your relationships with relatives and friends. If this is an issue for you, you may wish to discuss the matter here!
Last Post 12/22/17 11:34 AM, by Lisa Shea
68 513
12/22/17 11:34 AM
by Lisa Shea
Does He/She Like Me?
The most basic question that you need answered in any relationship. Does the other person care? Is it worth putting time and effort into this to make it work?
Last Post 05/20/18 11:23 PM, by Lisa Shea
295 2,248
05/20/18 11:23 PM
by Lisa Shea
First date or fiftieth date, dating is all about being with your special someone and having a great time. Learn the etiquette and tips that make this a wonderful event!
Last Post 12/22/17 11:27 AM, by Lisa Shea
226 2,063
12/22/17 11:27 AM
by Lisa Shea
Long Term Partners
Are you planning an engagement or wedding? Or do you think that these institutions are out of date? Discuss marriage & engagement here!
Last Post 12/22/17 11:27 AM, by Lisa Shea
73 716
12/22/17 11:27 AM
by Lisa Shea
Breaking Up (1 viewing)
It's like learning to ride a bike. You fall several times before you succeed. You'll have to date - and break up with - several people before you find the right person.
Last Post 12/22/17 11:26 AM, by Lisa Shea
240 2,013
12/22/17 11:26 AM
by Lisa Shea
Health and Exercise
Taking care of your body ensures that it carries you around the world in a pain-free, stress-free way. A healthy body lets you concentrate 100% on your relationships and goals.
Last Post 12/28/17 07:40 PM, by Lisa Shea
32 350
12/28/17 07:40 PM
by Lisa Shea
Organizing and Cleaning
Happiness in any relationship comes from being happy in general. Learn tips on how to reduce stress, organize your world and be a more content person in general!
Last Post 05/20/18 11:26 PM, by Lisa Shea
70 872
05/20/18 11:26 PM
by Lisa Shea
Stress Reduction (1 viewing)
Reducing stress brings many health benefits. Find ways to reduce stress and regain calm in your world.
Last Post 05/20/18 11:30 PM, by Lisa Shea
167 1,600
05/20/18 11:30 PM
by Lisa Shea
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