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Forum Rules
This is the SHORT version of our forum guidelines. For the full version, bookmark and read our Forum Guidelines. Every forum member must understand and abide by these guidelines to retain posting privileges.

Most importantly, it is absolutely imperative that every forum member abide by our Cyberbullying Rules. Laws against cyberbullying can carry a Class D Felony penalty. Any member found to be engaging in cyberbullying may be instantly banned and reported to appropriate authorities.

This board is a free online community to share discussions on wine, parakeets, books, and other topics. Please keep all discussion friendly!

This board has many young teens on it. Language must meet our stated guidelines. There are no exceptions. No swears are allowed. Personal attacks and CyberBullying will be deleted. All posted rules are expected to be followed by all members.

For internet security reasons, posters are not to post personally identifiable information, including home phone number, home city/state, school name, email address or personal photos.

Members who repeatedly violate our rules will have their membership revoked.

We have members from around the world on our forums, and many do not speak English well. Please be tolerant of non-English speakers. Also, please try to write as clearly as you can, without relying on "text speak" or abbreviations. This will help make sure all of our forum members can understand you.

Finally, this forum requires you to confirm your email address before you can start posting. We'll send a verification message to your email address and you need to click on a link in that message to activate your account. We have had numerous issues with Yahoo and Hotmail users receiving our messages; those systems tend to block our messages as SPAM. Other systems do occasionally as well. If you do not receive our confirmation message, please check your SPAM folders! It's probably in there. The message is sent out *immediately* so you should have it within 5 minutes. If you can't get the message, try another email address that maybe isn't as rabidly anti-spam :)

The full rules can always be seen by clicking "Forum Guidelines" in the forum right-hand column.
Forum Guidelines
This forum takes web safety issues very seriously. Please make sure you have read and understood our Forum Guidelines before posting.
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