Looking back on this, I am very glad that some of the "rougher" courses like statistics are behind me. I'm absolutely glad I took statistics. The information I learned is quite valuable. Still, it was very challenging to get through it. I'm much happier taking classes like Marketing where the information is valuable and also it's not stressful. It is enjoyable to learn, and challenging, but not a harsh kind of stress.

I am finishing up my marketing and journalism classes right now - I am in week 4 of 6. They are a good challenge but I do also have time to take a bath for an hour if I need to, to keep my muscles from turning into complete knots. So I think that is a better balance.

I am testing out the making of bath salts which I find quite fun, aromatherapy, and good for my body. So it's a win-win-win smile.

Mongrel - many guys do yoga. It is important for flexibility and balance. Those are important skills no matter what other activities you enjoy. It's not that you do yoga "instead of" baseball or basketball. It's that you do them in addition, to keep your muscles limber.

Lisa Shea, Owner