lol my tupperware cabinet is way out of control ... its open at your own risk .. the rest of my house is pretty organized im pretty anal about it lol

my grandma is moving in with my mom right now which is why i am here ... im the referee frown my grandmas is a pack rat and has a lifetime and 3 marriages worth of junk to sort through. my mom did most of it and got the house cleaned out and all that and sold most of it but my mom just built her dream house and finally got it all decortated and finished and now its literally covered in boxes of my grandma's stuff ... you can hardly walk around. my uncles are jerks and wouldnt take her which im sure felt just super to my grandma who raised them and took care of them.

my mom is super anal anout organization and cleanliness and my grandma is NOT AT ALL so its a constant battle.

my grandma doenst want to get rid of anything and thinks my mom should now redecorate her house in all my grandma's old thrift store finds hahaha and that is always a fun arguement to watch:(

my grandma has food more than you can imagine she is a hoarder ... she has packs of lunch meat that expired 3 yrs ago she had in her deep freeze and they are all over the place ... expired food is one thing we argue over cuz she thinks its ok to eat but we dont have room for it lol

she has ... and i kid you not ... 4 boxes FULL of brand new packs of panty hose LMAO ... 3 huge boxed of brand new socks she has never or will never use.

over 26 normal bed pillows though she sleep in a chair and has no bed LMAO

and me and mom know its hard to be old and let go of all you have and we are trying so hard to be sympathetic and nurturing and compromise but its just not working.

add on that my grandma is a wueen at quilt trip and woe is me stuff and she is cranky, bossy and demanding and though she is quite capable to do stuff for herself she whines and wants you to do it all for her frown

she is able to live on her own but has convinced herself she is dying .. which she is in very good healthy and she had a couple of falls ... not bad ones but they could have been so my mom just said enough your are moving in with me or a home make ur choice ;(

like ill be asleep in my room and she will be at the kitchen table all the way across the house and screaming my name like she is dying i come running and she is whining she needs water... when she is literally 3 feet from the water LMAO but she has been that way even when she was young. not gona change.

and my mom is now tellin her to go clean her room, and pick up her stuff from the living room, and at ur dinner and helping her get around and its just hard on my mom and my granma and me cuz im in the middle i hear it from my mom and my grandma hahaha

then my grandma calls al her friends and tells them how abuse she is and how she cant do anything and cant go no where loool which is sooo not true WE WISH SHE WOULD GO SOMEWHERE hahaha she can drive fine, and has her electric scooter on back of her car lool

i asked my mom which is worse me when i was a kid or my grandma now and she said we are about the same HAHHAHAHAA

today we weeded through even more stuff and my grandma cried over loosing 12 of her over 100 night gowns ... aaaagh

just so hard and i cant understand how does my mom deal with it.

my grandma grew up dirt poor and in the depression and she thinks she has to hoard stuf and never throw awy food even if its growing legs and moving out on its own frown

she is way too old for us to convince her she has over $300k in the bank and has no bills and money coming in monthly she doesnt need to do this anymore:(

it breaks my heart but at the same time makes me mad at her frown

speaking of which right now she is screaming at me to go get her some carrots LMAO

so im off smile