Finally tackled Day 19 of the forgiveness book I'm reviewing. It was to write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself. I kept putting it off as it seemed challenging. So finally I put fresh, clean sheets on the bed, fresh batteries into my LED candles, poured a large glass of water, and snuggled in with my laptop. And just wrote.

It was a good process. I think the work the previous 18 days on forgiveness did help. I'd thought about a lot of issues and was able to be more gentle with myself than before. I have made mistakes. I learned from them. I can't change the past. I can only do the best I can with each future day - each fresh opportunity.

If I "waste" energy on feeling upset about things I can't change, that is energy I can't apply to making this current day as productive as it could be. I have SO many projects that need to be done. People rely on me. I owe it to them to be fully present in now and fully dedicated to making this current day work well. Yes I want to learn from the past - but to wallow in it serves no good for the current people who need me. I should focus all my energy today on doing today's tasks as well as I can, with all the energy and spirit that I have.

I'm slowly getting there. But the letter did help.

I do suggest trying the daily exercises and then writing yourself a letter. Every step helps a little bit.

Lisa Shea, Owner