Day 12 / Forgiveness and Women - I pondered this both yesterday and today. Supporting women is key in every day of my life. My books support battered women's shelters. My websites support women in a variety of ways. I know our culture creates hurdles for women. I want to do my best to counteract that.

It also seems that, many times, women can undermine themselves. It seems primarily women who post the "ha ha look at this person's stupid clothes" messages, where the delight is in looking down at another person. Women can be snarky about how other women "should not be seen" on a beach in anything less than a burqa. In an era where we should support each other in all body shapes and sizes, it seems women are the most vocal in putting down others. Why do we perpetuate that kind of a message?

We seem to do that socially as well. We can be vocal about how others have flaws and failings, denigrating those who do not "measure up" in whatever way - and at the same time complaining that they judge us. If we don't want to be judged, shouldn't it mean we should resist judging others? Is judging necessary? Can we simply accept that we're all on a path and it's OK that we're at different stages on our paths?

Of course, am I judging others by pondering this? smile. Should I be more tolerant of those who actively post judgmental posts? smile.

Lisa Shea, Owner