The PPBS books move along slowly but surely at this point, maybe one every week or two. The stack is in a closet now, out of the way.

I have about 100 items on Amazon. Most of them are books, although a few are old video games. 50 of those are at $5.99 or less. So these are all fairly cheap books. They also sell very slowly, maybe one a week. Those are in stacks in the music room. I need to put those in the closet too. No need for them to take up usable space when they're trickling out the door.

I am actively working my way through my books-to-review stack. I would guess I have about 40 books in the music room to review, and another 10 in my office. I used to have a stack in my bedroom too but I am finally through those.

Lisa Shea, Owner