That sounds fantastic Jilly! It's wonderful that you have people you enjoy doing things with. The dancing sounds great!

I have a monthly dinner with friends who all own their own small business. We are all in the tech field so it's great to discuss issues and plan solutions. Each of us has a different area we pay attention to so I learn a ton at each meeting about Google changes and so on.

I have a separate monthly dinner with a writing group I run, where we discuss creative topics.

Other than that I occasionally go out with a random friend to catch up in a particular area. But that's not too often - I have so much I'm juggling right now that I barely leave the house. I come down to my computer, sit here until it's night, watch a few episodes of Spenser with Bob, then go to sleep again. I try to get some yoga in there somewhere. And school starts up next Monday, so time will get even tighter again.

Still, I do have at least 2 nights a month, so that's good.

Lisa Shea, Owner