Dear Jilly -

I think especially in our current rough economic climate that it's natural to hold onto things and want to use them. It can feel wasteful to throw things away. Especially something really nice like boxes. We use boxes all the time and definitely there have been times where we've recycled a box and then the very next day we've needed a box exactly that size. So there is logic here.

I think the key is to take it one step at a time. Focus on just one project. So let's say the boxes project. I think many people are deluged with boxes. You can go into a Sam's Club and get free boxes. The Post Office gives away free boxes. Even if a given person isn't being deluged with boxes from Amazon, their best friend is. So I don't think there's a box shortage right now. If anything I think there's a box glut.

And if there IS a box glut, it means they need material to make all these boxes with. There is probably a lack of box recycle raw material.

So therefore by recycling YOUR boxes, you are saving trees. You are helping to mitigate this box mania, and proving the raw materials they need to make those boxes with as much recycleable material as possible.

So do your part! Help feed enough box recycling stuff into the system so that as many boxes as possible can be made out of recycled material! smile

Lisa Shea, Owner