Jilly, Yes and No - when I was in college I tried to meditate as much as I could because it helped me with the stress of school but nowadays the only meditation we/I get to do is during a circle meeting and that is kind of like a joint meditation.

Standing there chanting, and holding hands, with the group we can each feel the power of our own and the collective actions of the group. Sometimes it seems as though a huge weight has descended down upon me but most of the time it is a feeling of being beside myself. It is as though I am looking at myself from someone else's eyes. Where I once received relief from stress now I receive answers, or even bits of information that I need to share with others, and the real weird part of the whole thing is that I alone cannot explain any of it but I assume that is the way it's supposed to be.

- I came back and reread this post thus I realize this sounds like a load of crap but that is exactly how it is. . .

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