I, too am so sorry for your situation. I can relate to this as my then husband of fifteen years turned forty years old and his alcoholism took on a life of it's own. He cheated on me with one of the married nurses were he worked. She had two children and I found out about this when the women's husband called me. I had since moved out because he thought it was best to have time apart. I constantly cried and then decided that I deserved a better life. I found Al-Anon which is a Twelve Step Program for family members and friends of Alcoholics. Your former wife's drinking bothers you and creates chaos for you. It really doesn't matter what she does with her life, as your job is to: 1. Take care of yourself and 2. To be the best for your daughter. Her mother won't be there for her, because alcohol is her best friend. Al-Anon changed my life. I still think about my former husband and I will always love him. I don't miss the verbal abuse and him staying out all night.

YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!! Believe it and try Al-Anon. It's free and you will smile again.

Good Luck!