I began a relationship with a man who was divorced for several years. His ex found out he is dating again as they have remained friends. They have no children Everything was going well until she found out about this and now she would like to reconcile. We live almost 2 hours apart and he is struggling with some health issues. Over a month ago I encouraged him to make sure he was no longer in love with his ex before beginning a relationship. The reason for this is I could sense he was struggling with something. He is very vulnerable right now and really seems to have lost his zest for life. His ex never really had a zest for life and I am thinking she is taking advantage of his emotional state. Long story short, he is giving this another try, we remain in touch and yet he seems as though he is falling into almost a depression. I know I have done the right thing as he needs to come to terms with his life. I truly want him to be happy in his life, he is a good man. On the other hand I feel sorry for myself and also confused as he seems more depressed than ever. Shouldnt reconciling with an ex spouse be a happy thing??? I continue to be supportive of him and this is not for selfish reasons. He is a truly good man and it makes me so sad to see that since his ex has wanted to reconcile he is falling into a deeper depression. Regardless of the outcome I will remain his friend. I guess my question is this - is it normal for him to be this depressed while trying to reconcile? Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,