explain me what is sacrifice.in love ...???
as much i learn love is always unconditional but sacrifice is conditional.the defination of sacrifice is different for every person .consider me i will sacrifice everything for her if she truly loves me .one day my girlfriend from india asked me to change my religion from catholic to hindu.this is not a condition and religion is nothing to do with love .things should b sensible to sacrifice not like that one day u wake up try to change my identity.if u want sacrifice then be ready to do the same .
if u putting ur logic and condition in love then its never gonna work it because heart don't understand anything its just our brain who think about what we got and what we loose.
if love is conditional then there is no difference b/w love and business....we should never modify a person according to our need instead we have to accept full personality with his good and bad things.
i think everything teaches us something and we need only will power to learn .its not necessary that u should b of 60 yrs to to show experience.