kathy.....tell me what is common ground.in relationship.....???
90% divorce cases happen because people treat divorce as a tool to break relationship or separate.but how can a just piece of paper separate two people if they love each other.
there should be a love in relationship to workout from both side .
if two person love each other then there is no need of marriage and all the stuff.they can live together without any condition.
what we do now a days first we don't care about a person and just form relationships for so called fun but as the age increases people relies the importance of love in their life but here starts the game of luck because people goes blind and in hurry they always get wrong person because they don't wanna waste time in knowing a person .they just want relationship and specially girls do that thing.after breakup they cry and shout there is no true love.
for finding a right person for oneself takes time and sometimes many years but once u find then there is fun in life.
kathy a advice for u just check every guy on every parameter then make decision .....is he really deserves u because we should always examined the person before trust him .it really hurts when trust break