omg this is too funny about the steel but yet i know it was a great irration and not at all funny for you...luv the thing about the steel that would never leave...

books shouldnt be to hard to get rid off...sounds like you have accumulated a ton of things thru the years ...i have a rule of thumb after watching my mom accumulate...if i dont use it in 6mos its gone unless...its something for emergency purposes of power going out around here ...that last time really affected me and im still working thru it its like my feezer always has to have ice in it ...just in one form or another but not to be in denial its more than just a little ice i have in i really need to tackle THAT and be done with this silly crutch.

after not being around for so long, man you sure are doing a ton of posting smile its keeping things flowing in here...almost too fast laugh

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