Dear Illusive -

I have a neck snake that is like that, filled with some sort of rice substance and it goes in the microwave to warm up. It's great for soothing a worn out neck. I've been fortunate, once I started doing yoga my neck and shoulders don't ache much at all. They used to ache like crazy after a day of work on the computer. Now that I've not been doing yoga my neck is bothering me again, and I was thinking about using that. But I realize it makes more sense to do the yoga and fix the real problem, vs applying band-aid solutions.

I think stretching is good for all of us - just start slow and gentle!

My normal yoga routine is an hour and I'm so swamped for time right now that I can't imagine "losing" an hour - but it's my own body that's suffering. What I have to do is do just 15 minutes of yoga, to get at least SOME done. I can do that. I'll put that into my schedule later. I have to do at least 1 final pass-through on my book to make sure it's ready to publish. Then I really MUST get it into CreateSpace and Kindle and Apple's queues, because they all take 2-3 days to approve something and it has to go live on Dec 1st!

Lisa Shea, Owner