When we first start dating, we often go for grandy, showy gestures. We buy flowers (which quickly die). We eat out at expensive restaurants (bank accounts drop). We invest time in short-term items like texts.

Over time what tends to happen is that we invest in more meaningful, long term interactions. Instead of a bouquet that rots on a table, we invest time and energy to build a garden which flowers all year round. Instead of that blast-of-cash dinner, we create a delicious snuggly meal on a cold, wintry morning that nourishes. Instead of leaping for text messages, we share a talk about how to make our home even more cozy.

I think sometimes it's easy to overlook these new "subtler" forms of love. They feel natural. But that's the whole wonder of it. The relationship has become so second nature that these shining examples of love are "normal". Think to all the lonely people out there who wish they had someone to be that connected with. It is a blessing to treasure.

When my boyfriend takes 2 hours out of his day to drive my car to the tire shop, and he sits there while fresh, new tires are put on my car, and makes my world a safer, more secure one, that is a powerful show of love. It might not look like a bouquet of roses, but to me it shows his love shining through. He actively gave 2 hours of his time to keep me safe.

Do you take time to appreciate those shows of love in your own world?

Lisa Shea, Owner