I had a large crate in a back closet of "random papers" - old letters, old James artwork, old school stuff. It was a mess. So I finally brought it down and started to sort through it.

For the various papers I've written for over the years, I got some scrapbooking boxes that fit the newspaper format perfectly. I was so happy! Now those are organized and labeled and can be stored neatly.

For James' artwork I got a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves and put it all in there. Now that is all organized and easy to look through too. So that's great.

I'm left with a several inch high pile of papers and letters though. This gets into the realm of "how many old letters do I need to keep"? I've already gone through and recycled all the old Christmas cards I was saving. So that is done. But how about letters from my great-aunt? I want to keep those, in one book. Then how about all these letters from guys, from before Bob? Do I really want to keep those all? It's not like I read them ever - but to me they're like my old diaries. They have painful information, but it was something I went through and survived, and having that documentation of it seems important to me.

Lisa Shea, Owner