I love to craft and I build up shelves and shelves of crafting and sewing items. I finally decided I had just too many things.

I've been carrying around boxes and boxes of dress patterns with me for many years. Some patterns are back from 1986 and before! I am never going to make those dresses and skirts again. I wear sweats all day! And I have a few pretty dresses that I love, for when I need to go out.

So I found a sewing shop where they teach sewing students and they are happy to take them all. So that's great! They go to people who will use them, and I don't have the clutter. Heck if I *really* decide someday that I *must* sew myself a skirt, I can buy a fresh new pattern. They're only, what, $5 or something? I can invest that $5 in myself someday if I get hit with a skirt craving. But I really don't think that will happen smile

Lisa Shea, Owner