I am trying to practice mindfulness in my life, but it's tough when I constantly keep myself occupied with so many projects and interests. The days fly by and i only get any real alone time in the bathtub and on walks.

So I have been trying to meditate each day for five minutes. I know that is a short time, but it's a good start for me. I don't think I could really sit there still with empty thoughts for an hour or even half hour at this time. So for me, five minutes is a triumph.

I asked DH to do it with me each day. He figures he can take five minutes from his time to do something nice with me, so this is our third day.

Each time I set up the timer for five minutes and sit quietly, I am surprised how quickly the time goes by. I always thought meditating would be soooo slooooooow and five minutes would seem like an hour.

So I am happy report I am really enjoying this small time-out each day. I sit on a small pillow on my yoga mat, cross legged with my hands palm-up on my knees. Dan just sits near me and quietly stretches.

I have a small Buddha set up nearby with some candles and incense, and also some smooth stones to hold if i want them.

I am thinking about making my own meditation pillow from some scrap fabrics at the thrift store and finding some meditation music to download.

Does anyone meditate? What do you do, set up, listen to, whatever? Do people find the idea of meditating intimidating?