It seems to be a curse to me, either in mindset or whatever, or being in debt. I tried to avoid it myself by totally avoiding credit cards (successfully!) but then I had to go get sick and end up with a 18k medical bill with no hope of ever paying!

But besides the specifics, how does one get over this? One is raised in a family that is always scraping by and always in some sort of debt. We may have hope for a better career as being college grads, but do we really? I wonder if I'm just really naive in thinking "it'll get better" or that the bills will just go away. But I'm in no better medical condition, and either I keep getting sicker or the bills keep piling up.

My only mode of stress reduction has been drinking and smoking, not healthy and the hubbie hates it. I over-drink when I do, and smoking at all just isn't wise. But there's no escape, few friends to vent to, and the stress gets worse. On top of MY debt, my parents are in a free-fall and I worry about them terribly.

I thought about getting counseling, and I mentioned to hubbie that I feel the need for "help." He's the psychologist though, and I think the thought of his wife needing therapy is a little troubling. Then again, can't afford it anyway!

So as the forum topic describes, reducing stress and living a happier life.. how does one do so and can one always..?