My mom isn't getting any better. Still yelling at me and i am on antidepressants now and they help a bit to deal with the constant yelling but my dad is starting to ignore me and what i have to go through now i am beginning to feel completely alone. he tells me i have to deal with it and if i need to call him at work to do so. well i call him practically in tears because my mom just wont leave me alone and he talks to her and she stops for a bit and it starts again i just lock my self in my room to try to refrain from actually hurting her then she calls my dad who then yells at me when he gets home for not being able to work it out with out him. He has no clue what is happening while he is at work no matter what i tell him he thinks that i am lieing. I just can't stand it anymore. When he is home she is perfectly fine and leave me alone for the most part but when he is not it is a living hell in my house. He keeps telling me i have to deal with it but how am i supposed to do that? talk to my mom? she is sick and can't comprehend that all the yelling is driving me towards suicide or murder. My psychologist tells me i should have more patience and i try to but i don't have nearly enough to deal with it. My psychiatrist tells me to avoid my mom but i cant because if i leave my dad will yell at me even more because my mom will call him telling him i left. It doesn't help that every weekend when i would have a chance to be by my self that my dad makes me go with him and my mom shopping with them and i just follow them around like a dog on a leash and don't do a dang thing. How can i get my dad to realise how badly i need some time alone?