I am so close to going insane, i have even considered suicide just to make it all go away. My mom is sick and there is no hope of her getting better. She is always made at me for some reason and never seems happy i am home or anything. I try to get some alone time but she comes in my room with some reason to yell at me. If i try to defend myself my dad yells at me for yelling at my mom. He sticks up for me and tells my mom to leave me alone but it never has helped. she never leaves me alone and every day i dread coming home because i know she will yell at me. If i don't come home right after school both my mom and dad yell at me and ground me. If i tell my parents i am going somewhere to get away from it all my mom is calling my cell every 5 minutes wanting to know where i am, if i ignore the call i get yelled at. The school counselors don't help at all. i am never happy anymore and am always stressed out with school and home i never get any time alone. Even though i have a girlfriend that makes my face light up like the sun i never get to see her. Nothing seems o make me laugh anymore let alone smile. Somethings that used to make me smile don't work anymore. i think i am becoming depressed. My grades are slipping and i don't care anymore. everything seems pointless now. I can hardly sleep anymore, I am just a wreck. This is not the life a 15 year old should have. material possessions don't bring a smile to my face nothing but seeing or hearing my girlfriend, who i think is going to break up with me because i went over to her house and when i left i forgot the pic she drew so i went back and her mom said to go in and get it. I go to her room and i didn't think to knock cause i just left, and she was undressing. I felt really bad and my stomach felt sick, the past 2 days she has been very distant from me. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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