Stess Your talking to a person who quit their job we added onto our house and took in my parents. My mom has been in hospital a few times since they have moved in with us (almost 3 years ago) And my dad has had a stroke.
They are also diabetic (my mom has just gone on insulin recently) And they have high blood pressure and heart problems.
They are not bed ridden however.
This is my problem my mother is very controlling, demanding and noisey and my parents are argueing all the time. If they can't find something to argue about in the here and now they will go back 50 years to something that happened then (my mom is a good one for this).
My dad had the stroke and could be doing lots better but he refuses to do any therapy to get better. His idea of therapy is to push buttons on the remote of the tv. We even put him in a nursing home for a few weeks to try to get him to start exercising which was a joke.
We had therapists coming to the house after my dads stroke and my mom was just out of the hospital herself at the time from a bout of internal bleeding. Well when I tried to do things she yelled at me and told me to just leave her alone and she would do it so I backed off on some of the stuff.
However I did do laundry, cooking and most of the cleaning my mom was manly dealing with my dad.
This is one example of what I dealt with one day one of the therapits were sitting at the table with my mom and dad my mom has her head hanging down and tells the therapits "I have to do everything my daughter doesn't even do the laundry" This came from when I did the laundry and put the basket with just their clothes (no towels) on her bed because of the comment that she had made to let her do stuff.
Also you can't say anything negative to her at all ever.
You can't tell her anything that is bugging you because it will all end up being my fault anyway.
Is there such a thing as adult child abuse? My husband made the comment that he knew my parents treated me sort of bad but he said he never thought they would be as bad as they are.
I have gotten to the point of hibernating either in the basement or my room most of the time. You can't carry on a conversation with my dad at all because within about a minute he turns the converstaion into a joke by making stupid comments. This is not due to the stroke as he has always been like this.
I have no brothers or sisters and my parents just expected me to take them in when they got to the point that they could no longer care for themselves. All of this of them driving me crazy I just want to let you know I would never hit either one of them I don't believe in doing that to anyone ever no matter what. I do however loose my cool and say things once in awhile that I know I should not have said that's why its sometimes best to just hibernate. Anyway that is my biggest source of stress.
I did have panic attacks at one job that I worked at.
I did repair over the phone for a cable company I was in customer service also did billing and other stuff on the phone.
Customers were not to bad but the management was awful and the stuff they wanted us to do was ridculous.
Organizing Now here is another thing. I try to do so many things that they show on tv. Get the dividers get the containers ect. Half the time my kitchen looks like a tornado went thru it. We can clean in up and the next day looks like we did nothing.
My drawers (except for about 3 of them) look pretty darn good.
Cabinets all expect my tupperware one are ok but don't open the tupperware cupboard one they may all come flying out at you.
Here again clean in and by the end of the week its the same.
I don't have a dirty house just messy and I can't even blame my kids anymore they are long gone.
I think some of my problem is to much stuff. Every once in awhile I get into a throw out mood but I don't know if anyone has had this happen ok they say if you have not used something in a year throw it out. Well everytime I do this down the road I have a reason I could have used it. Granted its not everything that I get rid of but its happened enough times.
I think I need one of the organizer people to come to my house and live with me. lol

My name is Connie