Irish Wedding Toasts

The Irish love to drink and to relax. Memorize a few of these, you never know when they might come in handy!

The traditional Irish toast is Sláinte! This is Gaelic for "To your health!" To pronounce it, slur the words "It's a lawn chair!"

May the Lord keep you in His hand
And never close His fist too tight.

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.

May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.

May the saddest day of your future be no worse
Than the happiest day of your past.

May there be a generation of children
On the children of your children.

May you live to be a hundred years,
With one extra year to repent!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

Irish Wedding Traditions