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Different cultures have their different ways of showing love and affection. Learn more about love around the world!

The French are often idolized as the culture of love. French romance is tied to Champagne, that bubbly drink that makes any day a celebration. It's also tied to great food. Plan an evening of delicious French food, end with Champagne, and see how your love life shines!
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In Germany, love and flowers go hand in hand. You only have to drive down a country road to see the profusion of flowers along the roadside, and the beautiful windowboxes on the homes. Both men and women like to get flowers.
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The Irish are best known for the Claddagh Ring. This was given to the woman as a sign of faith and love by the man when he went away for a while - perhaps to war, perhaps to the New World to make his fortune.
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Ta gra agam ort
I love you (in Gaelic)

Italy has historically been a culture of arranged marriages, with parents making deals while the chidren were 14 or younger. However, when love blossomed on its own, it was often accompanied by music. Play your love a song on the guitar, piano, recorder, or pick out a favorite song just for you two.
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In Japan, there´s a special origami which creates the lover´s knot. This origami seals the message tightly within, and by writing or making a brushmark on the outside, it can always be told if anyone else tried to read it because the origami could never be folded to exactly match afterwards.
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Native American
Dreamcatchers are traditional wall hangings in Native American cultures, which are often hung in the bedroom but can be hung anywhere. They are to catch the dreams of a person and hold them near. Give your love a dreamcatcher, to show them that you are interested in what they dream about - and that hopefully it is you!
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