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I've had a crush in this girl for some time now, but just as I was about to ask her out, she tells me she had a boyfriend. Obviously, that was demoralizing. I decided to wait out their relationship, as it seemed like it formed on unstable ground. Just the other day her Facebook status changed to single, and I talked to her and she said she and him are hitting a rocky road. So now, let's assume they will break up (if they haven't already). How should I continue where I left off? I've been getting to know her during her relationship, though I didn't take her anywhere to avoid suspicion. How do I know if it's too soon for her? I don't want to ruin our friendship (and she may feel the same once I ask her out). I am tired of waiting, and she may find someone else while I wait for the perfect time.

Our Suggestion:
I would just ask her out! You are right - it's better to know, and while you wait, someone else might swoop in and get her. Tell her you like her and would like to take her on a date. Hopefully she will feel the same way about you. If she does not, she will let you know by either saying it outright, or by not seeming excited about the idea.

If she is a good friend, you won't lose the friendship...and you just might gain a girlfriend. Good luck!

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