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That will never be truly you

when i saw u on my birthday, i thought wow. i never go anywhere and when i finally do, i see you. i saw and caught on to the look u gave me. i do realize u r sad and wish things were different. my friends were very protective even though it was not necessary. they wanted to send u a message. i believe u caught on yet u had to send one back... typical u. i don't know why i keep playing this over and over in my mind, but i guess maybe because i am alone and in my safe zone. i wish u were that person u made yourself to be when u were making all the efforts for me to fall for you. but that will never truly be you and it still hurts i guess. u missed your calling in hollywood... u would of won all oscars with your special talents, yet you waste it all away in this silly city full of dumb dumbs! anyway, i do wish u well.... n


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