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I'm sorry that I'm not the one for you


It's hard to say this, but you've been trying to guess for so long it's only fair for me to tell you.

Did you ever figure out WHY I decided to hold your hand in the movie theatre? I could've said "No, that's okay" but I didn't. I took your hand and I'll be damned if I didn't enjoy every second of it.

Was the movie even playing? I can't remember. I was too focused on your hand to care. I pretended to jump because everyone else was. I squeezed your hand harder so you'd pay attention to me and and not her. I guess it didn't work. She was the one you were leaning towards.

It hurts to do this, when I know you don't have feelings for me in that way, but I need to confess something. It's you. It's been you since Feb. I know we didn't know each other, but it just hit me one day that I was really attracted to you. I liked what I had seen of your personality and being smart was a plus. You like the same music I do, we're both smart. We're PERFECT together. Did you notice how well our hands fit together? Did hers fit better?

I've been crying since yesterday. I haven't gotten rejected by you, but it feels like it. You show less interest. You don't CARE. You're just distant and we don't talk. It's because you're talking to her.

I can't talk to anyone about it. Nobody cares.

I'm sorry for being the dumb girl who was always hanging there, waiting to talk to you. Sorry for not seeing right away that I wasn't the one for you.

I'm sorry that this whole ordeal got blown out of proportion.

I'm sorry that I'm not the one for you.
And most of all, I'm sorry for making you wonder every night if you were the one I was in love with.



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