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Trying to be friends

So there was this guy and I knew he liked me. Then it was confirmed when he asked me out. But I didn't like him like that, I just wanted to be friends. So I told him, he said that was fine. Well we started texting and telling each other sweet things, it started innocently. Then I decided to be curious and wondered what it would be like to date him. So after school one day we hung out, then went to eat with two friends(sort of like a double date, fast food style). I was okay, but he kept on about the dating thing and that he wanted his first kiss before he graduated, which really turned me off. He started acting really desperate. I stopped texting him and he thought that I was mad at him and ignoring him, which I wasn't, I just didn't have anything to say.Any way I was a senior and he was a sophmore and I told him finally that I liked somebody else, a lot! Well I was a jerk and totally lost it on him oneday. I felt really bad and didn't text or talk to him for a week. I finally walked over to him oneday and told him I wasn't mad at him and that I was sorry for being a jerk. I'm still working on the trying to be friends part. But its hard when I know he's inlove with me. I hope he doesn't do anything to make me take back my sorry.


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