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stupid for letting you go

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for EVERYTHING I put you through. I know I was the one who said goodbye and that I shouldn't be the one hurting but I thought it was best for me......but it's not. You're my other half and I know it. I can FEEL it. And I'm so stupid for letting you go. If I had you one more time I SWEAR to you that I would never let you go. You mean the world to me. And I can't help but want to call you right now and tell you all of this......but I can't. Because I'm scared of being vulnerable to you again because I know you can tear me down like no other and you will if I say something wrong. But I just want to be with you forever. You and me. Together. Until death. Just one more chance. My heart burns for you. It pounds for you. I miss you so much it gets to be unbearable. Just please, one more chance is all I'm asking. I love you so much, baby. I'm so sorry.


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