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I will never ever do the same thing again

My sweet,

Feeling guilty and saying sorry will never be enough to cure the wound I've caused you.Nonetheless, I would like u to know, Mike, that I truly am sorry and I regret all the mistakes I have done that made me hurt you.Please believe me when I say that I will never ever do the same thing again.I can't live my future without you,my sweet.I have set all my plans with you on my side.You're the man I would love to be with for all eternity...the man who I am the same and opposite with in so many ways.I can't let you go not only because it would kill me to do so but also because I know in my heart that you are the one for me. I might not like what your reaction would be after reading this message but I would most regret it if I just set u free without even giving it a try to save the most wonderful relationship I ever had with anyone. I love you for all the world to see...

Love, sgan


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