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my angel

My Angel, im sorry for this night, i know it was special, many good things happened in the morning, in the afternoon we talked wishing each other our only pure love. I know i just hurt your feelings, i know i am a idiot, that dont deserve being the one you call as Boyfriend, but i swear, nothing of this i have planed. Remember when we talked? I said i wanted to marry you, you just answered me: "I already consider you my Husband" , that moment i was so happy, i felt a wonderful feeling, that i have found my true love and the person i would forever love.
This was not what i planed, hurting your feelings never passed my mind, but i gone and did that... I know its unforgivable, but i, today, want to continue with you, unfortunally the decision is not mine alone, you were part of my happyness all this time, and only you have the right to say if we should continue together.
From all of my heart, from all our moments together, from all our talks, even if it was by the cellphone or by the internet... Please forgive me...
Im almost shedding tears as i write this, cause to me, i dont want to ever hurt others, and more less hurt you...
My dear, please forgive me, if i lose you now, ill end up losing all my world.


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