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my life is in your hands

they say you never kno what you have till its all gone, i wish i never had to sit here and write this song, but baby girl if i could turn back the hands of time, if i could press re wind n live it on more time, i wouldnt do the things i did, i take back what i said, i'd never break a promise if you take me back again, every one deserves a second chance, and this is it so reach inside your heart n be compassionate girl, did you forget the way we use to love each other the way you told me that you could never love another damn, its like im begging just to stay alive i love you girl and i need you by my side. see all i need is one more chance to show you that i'll never do you wrong again. i still remember the promises of making it together, forgive n forget we could still be together, your the key to my happines my life is in your hands, i'd do what ever to be with you again im serious n i cant take it, no more playing today is the first day of the rest of my life, i wanna spend every moment with you making it right. and i kno that this will take a long time and i kno that its always in the back of your mind n i kno that you deserve the starts and the sky so if you give me one last chance i'll never make you cry.


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