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You r my first n best

We had dated for two years and he was m first bf and i was his his first gf. We were perfect. no one was like us. We were 17 and in love. We never had sex n for that im glad. He promised me forever ni believed him. We never faught n always laughed. But then i never felt in his word. It didnt bug me. I waited for him everyday. But then came the day i realized that we were focused on two too different thngs. I my church and him his music. He was and is very talented. I had talked to him about this but nothng changed. So i felt like god was callinge me awa from my love. It tore me apart. Nso when the time came to cit off we both cried so hard. He said he would change but how cud i tell him thta he wasnt it? I couldnt. So i ended it with my love and it was so hard.
Baby if u r reading this then know how much i love you and how much that hurt me. I love you n always did. Even in the second grade i loved you. It was never you. God was just pullingme and hes my bigger love n i want to stay with him. I never have nor will put u down. You are an amazing person. Im sorry i had to. Im sorry i hurt you. I never wanted this. I still cry over you n dream of you. I still long for your kiss n embrase, your words of love. But i know ull find one better than me n love her better than you did me. Bt you i never will regret you. Injust hope its the same with you.
I love you baby n always will. Just like the song out from under. This hurts me. Im so sorry n i hope u understand then or now. You r my first n best. I love you. I had too. God has a plan n it wil be for the bexst. We cant see that yet. Im sorry. I love you


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