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sorry about my temper

I'm sorry i hurt, you. You see ur duh one ho hurt mii.Kind of, hehe ur not worthy of anything. But I am. Very , i neva ment to hurt you the way you hurt ed mii. And i dont lovee u.Now a days when u like someone we always say i love .Like NOO shut up!! but seriously i nevaa meant to hurt u. Ur the one ho cheated on mii, not technically because u didnt actually go out with someone, but wat i mean izz daht, as soon as i broke up with u, u wrote diz beautiful poem too ur x.... like forreal, dahts how i know u never cared bout mii, yuh just wanted to play, cause u know every body likes mii (cause dey all mannwhores),soo yuh just wanted demm to be impressed, cause u know i rejected all of dem -__- go f*ck urself. i was kinda jealous, because like ho does daht?? apparently u du, -__- ... and am glad i dumped ur *ss, i wasnt proud of it, but i waited a little too see duh real u, and am gladd i did daht. But now.. yuh could SMD. Anyways my point izz. I'm sorry duh way i handled it. I never meant to embarrassed to like daht.I did it overboardd. Sorry, i gotta bad temper. Ps : lol, i know ur thinkinn like wtf, is dis, but w.e i just started readinn all dis cr*pp and i added my own, cause i want yuh guys to rate it, and tell mii did u guys actually like all dis drama... like du u find it entertaining...Imaoo am in Middle skool soo i guess yah went through dis already. But to be honest am Confuse with all dis.


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