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I am sorry if i hurt you

I like this guy, i dont know whether he likes me or not, but once, he was standing in the corner, he noticed that i was there, looked at me aswell, he was even talking to his friends. After a while, my male friend came up, he called me babez, n then hugged me, i almost fell back, n he almost rapped, he made me laugh, i didnt wana laugh, but it as nice of him so i laughed, we hugged for quite long. Then he said bye n hugged me again. Then wen i looked at the guy, who i liked, he was lookin rite at me, n him, i could see his eyes, we looked at each other. then i walked away, so did i. Idk, for whether he thinks i'm single or not.
All, i can say is i'm really sorry, if i hurt you. That might make you never have the confidence to ever talk to me or anything.
Really sorry, I love you! <3 <3 :D xxxxxxxxxxxx


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