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One wish

If I could have one wish it would be to fall asleep and wake up one year ago... where although I didn't know it at the time you really did make me extremely happy. You worshipped the ground I walked on, you thought I was perfect! But I'm not, and its a huge thing to try live up too. But looking back now, I was truely loved by you and that's a wonderful thing. That at the time I wasn't grateful for, and I'm so sorry for that. I put through pain, and that kills me!! I did something terrible and I never really wanted to end our realationship but felt I had no choice. I wanted you back, but I couldn't ask for you because I was hurt by someone, someone who I thought loved me. I was going through something terrible, something you and I had to unfortunately go through together. The whole experience crushed me, and all I've wanted since is your arms. I've grown a lot I was too immature to understand our level of lice and how special you really are.. time changes people but I know were different for the better. I know it can work ... I'm still the gal u can lay in bed with listening to freshly ground and fall for I'm still her, and she is still waiting to show you what a wonderful person you are and make you feel like the big chop you are ... I'll always have dangerous tea for you ...I want you back ... love you always and forever .lots and lots like jelly tots .. lil chop xxx


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