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You are a miracle

About a year and a half ago I started dating a guy I met in summer school. I didn't expect us to become a couple and I was very fragile and healing from my last relationship. Despite all that I developed feelings for him and jumped right in. He was reserved but I got him to open up to me. We were joined at the hip- a little too much so. We spent countless hours together and soon our relationship turned into a nightmare which was all my doing. The hurt and fear I held from the past came out full force. I was a crazy, manipulating, mistrustful, and finally physically and emotionally abusive. The smallest thing would make me snap into a jealous rage. I was a stranger not only to the person I loved, but to myself. He forgave me countless times. Eventually after a while of emotional highs and lows...He did the right thing-He ended it. I was hearbroken and realized the pain I had caused to the person that I loved. I made a lot of mistakes and I screwed up bad. We are currently back together- which is a pure miracle. What i'm sorry for is the pain that I have caused and all the mistakes I've made. From the little ones to the huge ones. The love you have shown me is beyond what I thought a human could love. I have shut you out in fear of hurting, but I hurt you by doing this. I am so truly sorry for EVERYTHING. You are a beautiful and amazing person and I still love you to this day.


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