Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
I can never be mad at you

Why do I keep saying you didnít/donít love me
It was always far from that.
I didnít know what to believe.
I let myself overthinking over and over again
Even though I said I wouldnít.
I kept thinking of the past..Past mistakes and I just kept bringing them back.
Over and over again
Even when you truly tried for me
I said you didnít love me
And I pushed you way
Until you reached a point in which you didnít want to be around me anymore
That you lost your interest in even wanting to deal with me
I tried and said I would but I never did.
And even when I tried it end up coming back once more.
And for that, I am sorry.
You did love me; you probably still do love me.
But instead of understanding that I just merely pushed you away.
Pushed you into someone elseís thoughts and feelings
And not that of me.
I wished you felt and thought of me
But even so you have to say things that you mean and mean what you say
You never once told me that I didnít love you.
Because you knew I did.
While I just kept making excuses and saying things.

Now I know what itís truly like to hurt someone that you love..even when I did try it just came back and it made things worse.
I donít blame you for anything and I do still love you but I have to learn from my mistakes.
I still want to be with you, to hold your hand, you meet you to be there to hang out with you and do everything with you.
But I need to fully focus on myself and my feelings and how to handle them at the moment.
Iím hoping, praying and being positive that weíll be back together once more when I truly can fully handle my emotions and hopefully youíll still have those feelings for me.
Itís so hard to overthink sometimes.
And Iím learning from this breakup that I truly have an issues with trust.
I still want to be with you and Iím being positive about it.
I know you still love me but you just canít handle dealing with that kind of abuse and I fully understand.
I donít blame you and I can never be mad at you.Ever.


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