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I'm sorry I was scared of committing

This saturday night I miss you more than ever. Weekends aren't the same without our little fun romantic spontaneous and cleverly planned (by you of course) dates. Every little thing I see reminds me of what we bonded over, or how it somehow connects to you. I know two months of dating isn't a lot a long time. And that I was the one who broke whatever we had off. But is it wrong to miss the sweet texts, the sound of your voice and your face? I liked you but I just had to much going on in my life that I cannot possibly give myself fully and commit to you like you were to me. Its unfair and I don't wanna keep you just for my own selfish pleasure. You are a really sweet, clever, understanding, witty and thoughtful guy. I'm sorry I was scared of committing. Im sorry I was too wrapped up with school and cancelled dates last minute on you. Im sorry I wasn't completely open to you about myself. Im sorry Im a coward, that I just decided to stop seeing you so abruptly because I can't bear to be friends or take a break without thinking of you constantly anyways. Sorry Im so afraid of judgement and rejection.

However, I don't regret anything I've done with you and Im happy that you were the first man I was in a relationship with in my 20 years of life. Many men will most definitely have a hard time matching up to how good you were. I just hate that I miss you still....


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