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I was a twin

I was born a twin, I'm the younger twin, my older twin use to copy me in everything i do, and i hated it, she use to follow me to party's and sometimes i even told her to go away, but one time i needed to get milk from IGA and i told my sister to stay home and i'll be right back, she cried to me that she didnt want to stay home all alone becouse she hard some people in the house, but i didnt believe her, i thought she was makeing up stories, so she could come with me, so i left without her. As i got home with the milk i open the door and my twin sister was on the floor, there was blood everywhere, on the kitchen, chairs couch, thats the day i lost my twin sister, im sorry i didnt believe you. if you serived i would let you follow me around dress the same but know it too late, your gone and im all alone.
I'm Sorry, I Love You My Twin Sister <3


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