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Well, how can isay this , my boyfriend cheated on me when i was fourteen,my first boyfriend ever, i didnt find out, he told me, i wasnt angry at all, only a little bit, becouse he was the one that told me and not his friends or his family, im glade he told me himself, but i was not happy what he did too me at all. We didnt brake up but we did have a day brake from each other. i didnt brake up with him becouse he told me the truth but i did say to him that if he did it again i will never take your sorry's back. i told some of my friend and family and they said to dump him becouse his not a good boyfriend and I should deserve better then him. but i always looked on the bright side of things, i look at what his done for me and what he hasnt and theres more on what he has done for me, i write it all done what he has done for me and not, then conpare it. well at the end og the fight, we are more closer now then before. I Trusts him, He trusts me,we even share food.


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