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I'm tired of waiting for him

i had an ex that told me hes friend thought i was ugly so one day hes friend texted me so i said why r u textinf me i thought you said i was ugly he said no i never said that i said your really pretty then we started to talk and we started to like each other and two days later he asked me out and i said yes then we started to fall in love till i told him my ex told me he still cares about me and misses me he got mad and told me to go out with him and he will wait to get me back so i went back out with my ex and 2 days later he broke up with me and the guy i liked started to go out with this girl and i told him well me and that guy broke up and he said im sorry i tought u were going to stay together with him for a long time and i said no cuz last time we didnt stay together that long but for a mounth and he said im so sorry i dont want to break up with my gf cuz i dont want to hurt her but every time i talk to him he calls me babe baby and boo and tells me he loves me more than any thing in this world even more than his gf he tells me he wants to have a baby with me and he says hell never get mad at me which he dosent but hes nicer to me more than any one and i feel the same way but im tired of waiting for him but i dont know what to do cuz im starting to love him and it hurts me more than any thing


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